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SSI's mission is to generate solutions to the pressing environmental problems of today and to develop capabilities to assist humans to live sustainably on Earth. SSI achieves its mission by bringing together multidisciplinary teams of the world's top researchers both here at UC San Diego and around the world to solve the key problems facing society such as the availability of clean water in the face of population growth and climate change.

The UC San Diego Sustainability Solutions Institute grew out of an earlier Environment and Sustainability Initiative and is a cross-campus platform to faciliate interdepartmental research, education, and outreach. SSI builds on the need for interdisciplinary approaches to solving pressing environmental problems. SSI typically creates collaborations involving faculty, students at all levels, and the University's professional management staff and links them with extramural community partners.

Initial activities include Integrated Water and Resource Management, starting with climate impacts on water systems; Knowledge Action Networks; the Built Environment and Sustainable Communities; and Greenovation research commercialization.

Through SSI, faculty, researchers, students, and non-academic partners are tackling the complex questions that society is facing as we strive for economic progress while sustaining the natural systems on which we depend. We do this through collaborations across departments and partnerships that extend beyond campus, working at local, regional, and global scales.

Under a leadership team drawn from across the campus (Biological SciencesEngineering, the Rady School of Management, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography), SSI brings talented project management and administrative staff to enable and support basic and translational sustainability research projects.

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