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Advisory Committee on Sustainability

The purpose of the Advisory Committee on Sustainability (ACS) is to provide a forum for the academic program, facility planning, and campus operating interests in sustainability. By increasing awareness of UCSD’s strengths in these areas, and identifying areas for further improvement, the campus continues to define itself as a leader in the earth sciences, while employing the principles of environmental stewardship in its own operations.

Sustainability can be defined as the ability to meet the needs of the present while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems and without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The mission of ACS is:

  • To share information about education, research, and outreach activities of UCSD in the context of environmental stewardship and sustainability and prepare periodic reports to the chancellor and the university community
  • To recommend and support efforts to improve environmental stewardship and sustainability in UCSD facility planning and operations
  • To make sustainability part of ongoing UCSD education, research, operations, and outreach programs

ACS includes representatives from the faculty, staff, and students (both graduate and undergraduate), as well as leaders of key campus organizations already involved in environment and sustainability activities. ACS makes recommendations to the senior vice chancellor – Academic Affairs and vice chancellor – Resource Management & Planning. ACS meets once per quarter and provides a report to the chancellor, through the SVC and VC, on an annual basis.

Committee Chair:

David Woodruff - Director, Sustainability Solutions Institute and Professor, Biological Sciences

Ex Officio Committee Members:

Mark Cunningham - Housing, Dining & Hospitality

Boone Hellmann - Design & Construction

Charles Kennel - Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Leadership Team, Sustainability Solutions Institute 

Gary Matthews - Vice Chancellor of Resource Management & Planning

David Miller - Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Planning & Resources, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering

Helen Szkorla - Academic Affairs

Appointed Committee Members:

Monica Doyle - Staff Association Representative, Extension

Garron Engstrom - Undergraduate Representative 

Matt Leslie - Graduate Representative 

Kim Kane - Staff Association Representative 

Megan Moore - Graduate Representative 

Daniel Tartakovsky - Faculty Representative, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Staff and Consultants:

Garry Mac Pherson - Director, Environment, Health & Safety

Dave Weil- Assistan t Director, Facilities Management

Climate Solutions Working Group 

The Climate Solutions Working Group, comprised of senior faculty, researchers, operational staff and administrators implements a broad range of sustainability initiatives, including management of the Climate Action Plan. Political and business leaders routinely attend the meetings of this group to discuss strategies for leveraging UC San Diego's environmental leadership.

Committee Chair:

Gary Matthews, Vice Chancellor, Resource Management and Planning

Committee Members:

Art Ellis - Vice Chancellor, Research Services

Cara Fladd - Director, Capital Planning

Tony Haymet - Vice Chancellor and Dean, Marine Sciences and Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Jerry Katzin - UC San Diego Foundation

Gary Matthews - Vice Chancellor, Resource Management & Planning

Steve Relyea - Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs

Frieder Seible - Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering

Robert Sullivan - Dean, Rady School of Management

Russell Thackston - Assistant Vice Chancellor, Auxiliary & Plant Services

Byron Washom - Director, UC San Diego Strategic Energy Initiatives

Dave Weil - Assistant Director, Facilities Management 

Gabriele Wienhausen - Associate Dean for Education, Division of Biological Sciences

David Woodruff - Director, Sustainability Solutions Institute and Professor, Biological Sciences


Rex Graham - Senior Director, University Communications

Michelle Perez - Administrative Analyst, Facilities Management

Dave Schroeder - Director, Government Relations, Office of Research  



 Joint Senate-Administration Task Force on UC San Diego's Sustainability 2.0 Initiative

The Task Force broadly addresses the development of organizational structures for advancing the objectives of the Sustainability 2.0 Initiative. These include identifying and pursuing emerging research opportunities; capitalizing upon our campus as a "living laboratory" for promoting sustainability; and implementing strategies for attracting donor involvement and support.

Committee Faculty Co-Chair:

Richard Carson - Professor, Economics

Committee Administrative Co-Chair:

George Tynan - Associate Vice Chancellor, Research Affairs and Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Committee Members:

Joshua Graff-Zivin - Professor, IR/PS

Rajesh Gupta - Professor CSE & Assoc Director, Calit2

Viswanathan Krishnan - Professor, Rady School of Management

Juli Larsen - AVC Development

Richard Norris - Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Susan Smith - Provost, Muir College

Stephanie Strathdee - Professor, Health Sciences

Russ Thackston - Assistant VC, RM&P

David Woodruff - Director, Sustainability Solutions Institute and Professor, Biological Sciences



Sustainable Operations and Environmental Work Group 

The Sustainable Operations and Environmental Work Group is a group of campus operations and departmental stakeholders that is implementing the goals outlined in the campus Climate Action Plan, including those for reducing water use. Additionally, the SOEWG is working to ensure campus does our part as the 3rd largest water user in San Diego to reduce water use.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Julie Hampel - Environmental Manager, Facilities Management

Dave Weil - Assistant Director, Facilities Management

David Woodruff - Director, Sustainability Solutions Institute and Professor of Biological Sciences

Dave Weil - Assistant Director, Facilities Management

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